How to speak more in class / 授業でもっと話せる方法









その日のレッスンのゴールを決めてください。議論に参加する、でもいいです。3つ以上のfollow up questionsを尋ねる、でもいいです。ゴールを決めて、それを達成しようとしてみてください。








Practice makes perfectという言葉をいつも思い出してください。


Hanna Belza



Let me tell you something about myself. I’m extremely shy actually, and when I was student I hated speaking in class. So here are some ideas to help you speak in class.

 Sit where you are comfortable

Closer to the teacher or further? If you are shy maybe you feel like sitting further from the teacher but if you sit closer to the teacher it’s easier to get involved with the lesson and talk to the teacher more directly, and you can ignore the people sitting behind you so it’s easier to get the confidence to speak up.This is up to you, but find where is the most comfortable place to sit in the class?

Get in first

Whenever it’s time to talk in class, try to be the first to speak, it’s easier than waiting after everyone else has spoken. Also if the teacher asks for volunteers, try to get into the habit of going first. The fear of speaking is worse than the actual speaking.

Set yourself a goal

Have in mind what you want to accomplish that day in the lesson. Contribute to the discussion? Ask at least 3 follow-up questions? Decide your goals and try to accomplish them.

Come to expect the signs of nervousness

If you’re nervous and you speak, maybe you’re sweating, your heart is racing etc. It’s normal, and other people will probably not notice.

Treat your teachers like humans

The friendlier you are with your teacher and stop seeing them as an authority figure, the easier it is to talk to them.

Learn to enjoy being wrong.     

Remember, you get better at speaking by speaking. The more you worry about making mistakes, the harder it is to speak up. If you make a mistake, don’t just think ‘I was wrong,’ think instead ‘at least I tried’.