The 20-minute rule (20分ルール)


こんにちは! Hannaです。

今日は、英語学習をコンスタントに継続する方法についてお話しします。 あなたは英語を勉強すると決めた時に勉強する人ですか?あなたは一生懸命に一日、二日と勉強して、その後は一日、二日、一週間、一カ月と何もしなくなりますか?それから一日か二日、集中して勉強して、また何もしないサイクルを繰り返しますか? あるいは、「勉強しないといけないかな」と思いながらテレビを観ますか? 勉強することを後に先延ばしして、結局しないですか?(私ですね)





Hanna Belza


Are you one of those people who study when you decide to study English, you study really hard for a day, or two and then nothing for 1 day, 2 days, a week, a month? Then you do 1 or 2 more days of intense study, and the cycle repeats?

Do you then sit there watching TV thinking I should be studying?

Do you put off your studying until later but never do it? (Thats me)

Well, the 20-minute rule is for you. 

What is the 20-minute rule? Its the promise you make yourself that you will be studying 20 minutes, every day, no matter what.

You will study 20 minutes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Work day or holiday, you will study 20 minutes. Not 25 minutes, not 32, not 45 but 20 minutes.

Even if a family member invites you somewhere you will say: That sounds great, Ill join you in 9 mins when Ive finished my studying. 

After a while, youll discover that 20 mins isnt really that much time, it is a realistic goal you can stick to every day, even if youre busy.

20 minutes a day adds up over time if you are consistent.

So lets make good study habits to help with English!